4 Tips to Create an Inviting Home Entrance


Anyone who has ever bought a home knows that its external appearance is an indicator of what it looks like on the inside. If buyers drive up to a property and all they see is a cracked, poorly maintained driveway, they may skip that house and go to the next one on the list. However, a well-groomed yard and a clean asphalt driveway can increase the home’s curb appeal. Below are a few tips on creating an entrance so inviting that prospective buyers can’t help but want to see more.

Clean, Repair and Edge

A dirty driveway full of oil stains and cracks is not very appealing. The driveway is the first thing a buyer sees, and it should be clean and well maintained. Edge the driveway to make a border between it and the lawn, and if there are cracks, you can call an asphalt repairer in Auckland before putting the home on the market. With frequent maintenance, householders can catch small problems before they become unmanageable.

Plant Shrubs and Flowers

Planting flowers alongside an asphalt driveway is a simple way to create visual interest. However, the householder should take steps to ensure continuity with their plantings. Choose flowers of similar types and heights, which make it easier to keep plantings under control.

Call for Asphalt Sealing and Repair

After the driveway is cleaned, a coat of asphalt sealer can keep it looking fresh. Application of sealer is too difficult for most customers, so contact asphalt contractors in West Auckland for prompt service. These projects take time and patience, but it is worthwhile in terms of curb appeal and value.

Consider Brick Pavers as a Border

Adding brick pavers to the sides of a driveway can add dramatic flair while drawing the potential buyer’s eye toward the home. Pavers can last for almost 30 years with proper sealing and maintenance, and they are a relatively inexpensive addition, unlike the asphalt driveway cost in Auckland.

As shown above, there are many ways to increase a home’s curb appeal and make it more inviting to potential buyers. For information on asphalt driveway cost in Auckland, you can visit us at Asphalt Improvements or go online to www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz. We look forward to working with you.

Some of the Most Unusual Outdoor Renovations

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Outdoor renovations can not only increase the value of your home two-fold, they can also create a more functional and fun living space. While making the exterior updates it is essential to take on projects that improve the energy efficiency of your home while keeping the aesthetics appealing at a budget-friendly price.

It is possible to have an unusually thoughtful transformation by simply paying attention to the overlooked features within your home. Here are the top six most unusual outdoor renovations that you might want to consider when making major or minor home transformations.

1. Makeover landscaping

Strategically adding more decorative and functional plants of different shapes and sizes around your home to act as windbreakers, shade for a hot day and for fruits and vegetables will not onlyreduce the trips you make to the market but also make your living area a more fun place to relax in with increased visual appeal.

2. Backyard additions

Backyard renovations are generally very involving and a little mistake could spoil the entire project. It is therefore important to carefully plan before embarking on an additions project as they will be significant for your home always. Additions could include an outdoor kitchen with dining area, a mini-bar, fire-pits or deck extensions and other amenities for entertaining family and friends.

3. Pools and water features

A well thought out pool or water feature in most scenarios increases the value of a home. Though a high maintenance project, the positive value overshadows the negatives hands down. Custom-made pools with spas that are more functional than aesthetic could save on time and money.

Waterfalls and ponds could be strikingly breathtaking while providing the chance to understand and appreciate nature.

4. Install outdoor lighting

One factor that is often overlooked while upgrading is outdoor lighting. Be it for security purposes, or just ambiance, outdoor lighting is important for nightime curb appeal. Strategically placed lights complement the architecture of your home and using solar energy for the lighting makes your home more eco-friendly,  therefore this would be a perfect renovation project.

5. Replace exterior doors and windows

The value of curb appeal extends all the way to the doors and windows. Generously sized windows and doors that are energy efficient create a more eye-catching view. It is also essential to replace old handles and knobs and repaint the relevant areas for better results.

6. Asphalt driveway paving

Asphalt is more flexible and can withstand high pressure as compared to concrete, therefore it is less prone to damage and that is why it is highly recommended for any season. When it comes to installing asphalt driveways the cost in Auckland is more affordable. New asphalt driveways in Auckland make the entry to your home more welcoming and the best part about it is that it sets way faster than concrete so you do not have to wait for long before it is ready for use.

We understand you probably have concerns on new asphalt driveways or asphalt repairs in North Shore? Feel free to contact us for more information, products and services through our website www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz. We prioritise our clients’ satisfaction and always cater to your needs. Make your call today.

Affordable Exterior Improvements for Your Home

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Whether or not you are looking to sell your property and add value to the asking price there are some simple exterior improvements you can consider that won’t break the budget. Exterior improvements don’t have to be expensive to be effective. A few quick and easy changes can give an affordable update to the exterior of your home, improving the street appeal and its value.


Keeping the front lawn mown and weed-free will greatly improve the street appeal of your home. Should you need to replace the lawn entirely growing it from seed will be cheaper than ready-made turf on a roll. Keeping everywhere neat and tidy and weed-free is essential for improving the overall appearance of your exterior areas. Rather than buying large trees or plants buy smaller specimens as they will be cheaper – just remember to leave enough space for them to grow!


Replacing an old roof can be expensive. Consider a sand or water blast clean followed by a repaint for a cheaper option. Even replacing any old guttering and pipework could give your roof a facelift. Wooden window frames can easily be painted to update them. Preparation is important to get a good finish. Carry out any sanding and repairing before painting. A full weatherboard repaint is a huge undertaking and best done in warmer, drier months. Doing the painting yourself rather than using professionals will be cheaper but you may not get the best paint job.

Paths and driveways

Any damaged paths, broken driveways, loose pavers or bricks etc. can often be easily repaired, and this may be a more affordable option than replacing them entirely. A full replacement may be necessary if you want to change the look of any paths or driveways exterior to your home. Paths can be made of pavers, pebbles, concrete or gravel. You could get creative with placing mosaic pieces or laying out pavers in intricate patterns.

Do the fancy work yourself as it will be expensive to pay someone else to have fun creating a mosaic masterpiece to your front door! A broken up driveway with weeds or lawn encroaching around the edges can be a simple fix to tidy up, removing the need for a completely new driveway. Professional asphalt layers can quote for a repair or a complete redo and give you advice on the best long-term option for your property.


If you already have a fence then a quick repaint can be an affordable way to give the exterior a new look. If your property is not fenced then seriously consider putting one up, as many tenants or new homeowners prefer fenced properties to keep their children and pets safe. There are a wide range of fence styles and materials to choose from. Professional advice will help you make the right decision based on your budget, your needs and the best design to compliment the exterior (current or planned).

Should you decide that a slick new asphalt driveway is the best way for you to update the exterior of your home, and you live in or near Auckland, then you won’t go wrong contacting Asphalt Improvements. They are specialist asphalt contractors based in the North Shore but can also do asphalt carparks Auckland-wide. Visit www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz to make an enquiry.

Top 15 Ideas For Affordable Outdoor Renovations To Add Value To Your Home

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Unhappy with your outdoor area?
…then change something!

You won’t need to complete all of these outdoor renovations at once, in fact unless you just won the lottery you probably won’t be able to afford to do them all at the same time. Imagine the contractor chaos! Pick one to start with and build up from there and before you know it you will have completely transformed your outdoor area with affordable renovations. Outdoor renovations can be as simple as adding a water feature or a few plants, to a brand new asphalt driveway or outdoor entertainment area.

Top 15 ideas for affordable outdoor renovations

1. Build a deck

2. Create an outdoor room

3. Install lighting

4. Update landscaping and planting

5. Repair or install a new driveway

6. Install a pool

7. Build a gazebo or pergola

8. Repaint wooden window frames

9. Update house exterior cladding

10. Lay a new lawn

11. Create an outdoor kitchen

12. Install or renew gates and/or fences

13. Add a water feature or pond

14. Plant a vegetable garden

15. Install a designer path

Affordable but effective outdoor renovations can be as simple as installing a new designer path (pebbles or cobblestones in intricate patterns look amazing) to your front door or updating your landscaping with some new plants or a new lawn. Renewing a tired lawn can be achieved instantly with turf that requires care to establish or you can grow from seed, which is much more cost effective.

For a quick makeover buy mature plants or young trees, although a cheaper option is to plant smaller specimens and tend to their growth. The front or rear of your home can be enhanced with a deck, especially if you have a great view to sit and enjoy. Your home can be enhanced with a new fence and/or gate, especially if the old one is tired and worn. If you have a fence in good condition, consider a new coat of paint for an instant facelift.

Improving your outdoor entertainment area can be achieved by installing a pool, pergola or outdoor room or kitchen. Even purchasing new outdoor furniture or cushions can give a real boost to your outdoor areas. Decorative lighting along a path or highlighting a water feature for example can add an interesting element to your outdoor areas.

Ponds and vegetable gardens can be great long-term projects that will only improve with age. The exterior of your home can contribute to the overall effect of any outdoor renovations so consider updating wooden window frames and exterior walls/weatherboards with a fresh coat of paint.

For maximum outdoor renovation impact invest in a new driveway for great first impressions. New asphalt driveways may be more affordable than you think. Repairs to an existing driveway can enhance and add value and are a simple and affordable outdoor renovation.

Should you decide that installing or upgrading your driveway is your number one priority and you need to replace an asphalt driveway in Auckland, then get in touch with Asphalt Improvements. Asphalt Improvements are asphalt contractors in West Auckland and they also carry out asphalt repairs throughout Auckland. Visit their website at www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz for a FREE quote.

Hire an Asphalt Repair Contractor

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No homeowner likes a potholed driveway; they are an absolute nuisance and are also a health and safety risk. For commercial property owners, an asphalt car park that is in need of repair is also a potential insurance claim nightmare.

Potholes, cracks and other hazards are not only aggravating but also often cause severe and usually expensive damage to vehicles and equipment, for which the property or car park owner is generally held responsible. For commercial property owners in Auckland asphalt repairs are cheaper than the potential damage that can ensue from a damaged car park or driveway.

Just imagine the extra insurance costs involved for a property with numerous claims. For that matter, do possible new clients or even existing renters want to come into or stay too long in an industrial park or shop with a pothole-ridden car park in need of repair? No. Asphalt driveway repair in Auckland, the North Shore and the surrounding areas, is simply good business and a solid investment to keep a commercial property in tip-top shape. It also makes great sense for businesses of all sizes to maintain professional-looking commercial properties for their customers and keeping the car park in great shape is a major part of this.

In today’s tough economy, customers are more selective about where they choose to shop. Appearance matters and therefore so do pothole and other asphalt driveway repairs. Often, the outside of a place of business determines if a potential client ever takes the time to go inside.

It is always a good idea to survey your premises on a regular basis and to contact experienced asphalt contractors to fix minor and moderate asphalt problems before they become major asphalt repair jobs. This strategy not only saves money in the long run, but also provides added credibility for your business and property.

You can also hire Auckland or North Shore based asphalt contractors to create a brand new asphalt driveway if the current condition of your home or commercial driveway is too damaged.

To find the best asphalt contractors in Auckland just search “asphalt repairs Auckland” and you will find Asphalt Improvements. This experienced and renowned asphalt driveway contractor services Auckland, the North Shore and beyond so visit their website, www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz, to request a free consultation. A new asphalt driveway may cost less than you think and is a great investment to make in your home or business.

How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home


Selling your home can be a difficult thing to do. These days there is a tough market for sellers since there is a lot of competition around the world as well as locally in New Zealand. If you want to make sure you’re getting the best out of your home as well as making it more attractive to buyers, there are a few easy ways you can improve the resale value and the overall look of your home.

1. Asphalt driveway replacement or repairs

The driveway is one of the first things that people will see when they come to your house. If it looks old, cracked, or worn out it does not create a good first impression. Fixing up your driveway might be the easiest way to add dollars to your home’s value without spending too much on renovations.

2. Adding outdoor lighting

Many buyers are willing to pay a bit more for a home that has attractive outdoor lighting. This is because it improves the overall ambiance of the home itself while making it safer during the night. Outdoor lighting comes in many different forms, but almost any lighting will do when it’s time to improve your home’s value.

3. Green home improvements

Adding newer, energy or water efficient appliances and fixtures in the home can make a huge difference to potential buyers. This includes things like toilets, water heaters, air conditioning units, heaters, lighting, sinks or showers and large home appliances. It might not be a good idea to replace these things if the current ones are still new and working well, but if they are ageing and need to be replaced soon, consider a greener option that will up the resale value of your home while also helping to conserve natural resources.

4. Windows and doors

Old, draughty windows and doors make it difficult for buyers to imagine your house as warm, cozy and livable. New double glazed windows and doors keep your home insulated, dry and warm. They are also durable and can last for years, making them very attractive to potential home buyers.

5. Fresh coats of paint

Nothing improves the look of your home more than a new coat of paint on the interior or exterior. This can be an inexpensive way to make your home look much nicer and much newer, adding to the overall resale value.

If you want to get started on making your home’s resale value higher, the best thing to do is start with item number 1 on our list – asphalt driveways. This is a service that can be performed quickly by the right company and the results will instantly increase your home’s value. One company in the Auckland area that has a good reputation for their work is Asphalt Improvements. It has professional asphalt contractors in Auckland from the North Shore to South Auckland. Visit the website at www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz for more details about residential and commercial asphalt resurfacing.

4 Fashionable Outdoor Trends for Your Home


Did you know that gardening is one of the most popular leisure activities in New Zealand? However, when it comes to transforming your outside space in Auckland, you might be stuck for ideas. Luckily you’ve come to the right place. Here are four fashionable outdoor trends for your home that will instantly change the exterior of your property!

1. New driveway

Your driveway is one of the first things you see as you approach your property and it can make all the difference when it comes to aesthetics. Opting for an asphalt driveway (or replacing your existing one with asphalt) can instantly transform the outside of your property and provide you with a long-term investment. Why?

Well, research shows that making improvements to your front garden and driveway can increase the value of your property – a major plus if you are thinking about moving home in the future. Remember, always enlist the services of a professional if you are interested in asphalt driveway replacements on the North Shore. This will ensure you receive a driveway of the highest standard that will stand the test of time.

2. Incorporate seating areas

Another one of the hottest trends in landscaping right now is to incorporate seating in your front garden. Placing benches, seats and tables outside can provide you and your family with somewhere to sit if you want to pop out and enjoy the outdoors.

Even better, areas with larger tables and seating can provide you with ample space for friends and family if you are planning a BBQ or special event. There are a number of materials to choose from, with chrome being one of the most popular. When choosing seating for outside spaces, make sure the material is water-resistant and durable in all weathers.

3. Make a statement

One of the most popular trends for gardens in the Auckland area are large statement pieces that will instantly initiate conversation. These can include water features, decorative items, statues and large hanging baskets that will transform your garden into an exciting exterior space. What you choose will be based on your style and personality but an easy way to draw attention to your outdoor feature is to add fencing or a border around it.

4. Use colour

Incorporating colour into your garden is one of the best things you can do. Choose bright, bold plants and flowers that complement your home and garden furniture. If you want a low-maintenance garden, opt for perennial plants that look good all year round. You can finish your exterior look by painting your front door in a vibrant shade that will set your property apart from others in the neighbourhood.

Installing a new asphalt driveway could improve the appearance of your property and even increase the value of your home. For asphalt contractors in Auckland that you can trust, contact Asphalt Improvements via their website www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz and view their exciting range of outdoor paving options!

3 Fashionable Outdoor Trends for New Zealand Homes

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Your home design is an expression of your creativity. Most people spend a lot of time making the inside of their home look amazing, but what about the outside? First impressions make a big impact on guests that come to your home, so if your exterior doesn’t look even half as nice as your interior you could be leaving people with a less than impressive recollection of your house.

Since you spend so much time in your home, it’s good to make all of it more attractive, both inside and outside, to make sure that wherever you are around your property you will be in a beautiful place.

Check out some of the latest outdoor home trends in New Zealand:

1. Asphalt replacement or resurfacing

Driveways can sometimes be a bit of an eyesore on your property. They interrupt your lovely green gardens and sit there like a big black mass that can’t be changed or moved. One thing you can do to improve your driveway’s look is to replace or resurface it. A freshly made new asphalt driveway will look great for years to come and help to improve the appearance of your property instead of detracting from it.

2. Green turf gardens

Maintaining a grass garden takes a lot of work. Replanting torn up grass, watering frequently, mowing, and everything else involved can create stress for you. When the garden takes too much effort, it’s likely to get neglected after a time. To avoid this problem altogether, you can lay down turf in your section instead. It’s beautiful and green all year round and takes little or no upkeep to stay that way. That means you’ll have more time to focus on the other greenery around your garden rather than taking up all your time with mowing or weed-eating!

3. Open, outdoor rooms

Porches, decks, patios, and other outdoor sitting areas have always been popular, but modern home owners are building actual rooms outside instead of hybrid outdoor spaces. These rooms are open to let in the outdoor air and light, but they are also covered so they can be used in most types of weather. Some outdoor rooms have fold-away wall panels that can be put up or closed during bad weather. You don’t have to just throw a cheap outdoor table and chair set in the garden anymore, because with an outdoor room you’ll always have a beautiful place to sit and relax or eat regardless of the weather conditions outside.

When it comes time to giving your home a facelift, start with item number 1 on this list and consider getting the driveway replaced. Asphalt Improvements conduct professional asphalt driveway replacement in the North Shore and everywhere in Auckland for a price to suit any budget. Let your driveway become the centerpiece of the property instead of remaining an eyesore. Call today or head to www.asphaltimprovements.co.nz to get a quote for your Auckland driveway now.